Global Accessibility Awareness Day GAAD 2015 In India

On May 21, we invite you to participate in Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD). The purpose of the day is to get people talking, thinking and learning about digital (web, software, mobile, etc.) accessibility and users with different disabilities.

The target audience of GAAD is the design, development, usability, and related communities who build, shape, fund and influence technology and its use. While people may be interested in the topic of making technology accessible and usable by persons with disabilities, the reality is that they often do not know how or where to start. Awareness comes first. Read the blog post by Joe Devon that inspired GAAD.

GAAD In Event Hyderabad

Deque Software a leading company in accessibility is putting a event in Hyderabad & here is the agenda,

• Accessibility Statistics & Laws
• Accessibility guidelines and manual testing strategy – Deque Way
• Accessibility automation tools – WorldSpace, FireEyes, Jim Thatcher’s Favelets
• Live screen reader demos
• Deque products – WorldSpace and FireEyes demos

Please register here by clicking this link

How Accessibility Helps SEO and Conversion Optimization

I presented about the correlation between accessibility, search engine optimization & conversion optimization at SEMPO Hyderabad Digital Marketing Summit….it was fun meeting all my old friends & I would like to take this opportunity to thank my colleague Denis Boudreau who helped me to put this presentation.

Want to dominate search optimization in 2014 and bring more conversions with every visitor who lands on your website? The secret is in building accessible applications that both humans and machine algorithms love. With more than 1billion of world’s population being disabled, you cannot ignore this side of market…Google is disabled too & Google always say’s create crawlable & accessible content.

Want proof check YouTube captions, transcripts & slide share’s text only version…..not convinced then check your Gmail & you can find something called “Basic Html View”…Google , Facebook, Twitter etc. care about accessibility and just by following few simple fundamentals you can build a accessible website/application.

Please feel free to reach out to me for any information & also would like to get perspectives of others in the comments.

Join Tech Share Event held On 13th & 14th FEB 2014 In New Delhi

Techshare India 2014 to be held on 13th – 14th February, 2014 at New Delhi. Tech Share  is a conference and exhibition discussing accessibility and assistive technology at a national level with international participation. Techshare India 2014 will focus on Innovate – Adapt – Evolve theme under four verticals:

• Education – Whether it is primary, secondary, college level or vocational education, it is imperative for educators, parents and rehabilitation specialist to understand how they can innovate and adapt the existing and new technology to support the student with disabilities. If Education for All has to be a reality, we need to bridge the gap in implementation and provide them with the assistive aids and technologies required to meet their needs. It is important that the authorities in charge of education at all levels realize the reach of technology and implement it to attain Education for All.

• Employability – For employers today, equal opportunity is key, how do we integrate people with disabilities into the corporate culture wherein there are numerous hurdles that people face in using the infrastructure whether physical or technological. How can assistive technology be adapted and implemented so as to develop a self-sustainable population.

• Accessible technology – With technology evolving so fast, ensuring that people with disabilities are included and that web, mobile or any technology is accessible is the key question. The technology companies need to see how they can innovate and adopt to the needs of people with disabilities and how they can ensure that their products and services are accessible to all. People from research and development can bring a whole new meaning to accessible technologies.

• Laws, Policies & Standards – One way to ensure implementation is by enforcing laws, policies and standards that will provide direction on how people can implement accessibility & assistive technology. Various government and non-government bodies can come together to spread awareness, identify gaps and provide solutions.

You can find few more details of the Conference at the links below

About TechShare
Speakers at TechShare


Schedule & Venue:


February 13, 2014 — 9:00 am to
February 14, 2014 — 6:00 pm

India Habitat Center
Gate No. 3, Lodhi Road
New Delhi, New Delhi




Below is a youtube video of the Techshare conference held in 2012

WAI-ARIA Live Regions

Aria-live regions will help a screen reader user get the dynamic updates on the application without losing the current focus from the activity that is being performed. Aria-live property is extremely useful to make a screen reader user under stand the complex widgets like dynamically updating tables or chat windows etc and the aria live property can be useful for regularly updating news sites, blogs & applications that pull data from social channels, gamification portals etc.

Aria-Live Property

The aria-live property indicates a section within the content that is live and the verbosity in which changes shall be announced. The following values may be used to determine the verbosity,


Aria-live=”off” indicates that a region is not live & changes will not be announced to the user. This attribute is used when there is a frequently updating content for example tweets & facebook activity that is being pulled into the site. There is no necessity for the user to get these updates by default, how ever user can read these updates by usual navigation.


The update must be announced at the next interval. For example when the user stops typing or when the user is waiting for an update to happen & the most important thing to note is that user will not be interrupted by the live region in order to provide the update.

Example breaking news headlines, new offers in ecommerce stores, optin box for blogs etc.


Aria-live=”assertive” will inform the update immediately & this must be used with care as update is announced mmediately this cannot be used in a live region where frequent updates are expected.

For example aria-live=”assertive” can be used for form validation, appearance of new chat windows and one time offer of a product in ecommerce stores.

More examples of Aria live property can be found on the following websites,

Aria live region example1

Aria live region example 2

Aria live regions by juicy studio

Here is a screen capture video explaining all about ARIA live regions & this video is little behind the time, but concept is valid.

Note: I am just sharing the knowledge that I acquired by reading & practicing as accessibility consultant. Lot of this is already available on the web & is sharing it here on my blog so as to make my self an expert in the field & to remember the concepts.

5 Simple Steps To Make Your Website Accessible

Video produced by System Concepts for World Usability Day 2010. This video describes how making your website accessible to people with disabilities improves the usability of your website for people of all abilities. This podcast describes and illustrates five simple ways you can improve the accessibility of your website.

Digital Marketing Summit at IIIT, Hyderabad

The morning of 29th September held promise for me, for I was to attend the Digital Marketing Summit being held at IIIT Hyderabad. Conducted by IDONESEO, the summit saw the presence of at least 60 delegates and had 5 eminent speakers to address the eager crowd about the current trends in the Digital Marketing space. The experts invited to speak at the summit were Vipul Taneja, Saptarshi Roy Chaudhury, Raghavendra Satish Peri, Gayathri Choda and Munaz Anjum.

All speakers on stage
All speakers on stage

After a short introductory note, the event started off  with an interesting briefing on Landing Pages by speaker Vipul Taneja. Quoting Steve Jobs, “Design is how it works, not what it looks like or feels”, Vipul detailed the elements of a good Landing Page, the purpose and the action plan for building good landing pages. He gave the examples of websites such as DropBox and Crazy Egg, which have ideal landing pages with not much clutter and very simple designs.

Vipul’s mantra: “Less is good.”

Raghavendra Satish Peri, fondly known to everyone as Raghava, addressed the audience with his touching comment, “You have to answer me guys, I can’t see you” and went on to demonstrate how we can design our web pages to be more inclusive and accessible to the specially abled users. He also managed to answer user queries on digital marketing, proving that a specially abled person can be as good as a marketer as any other individual, if not better.

Raghav on stage during the Q&A session
Raghav on stage during the Q&A session

Saptarshi Roy Chaudhury waved his magic wand of content marketing, detailing the elements of content marketing. With content creation and  distribution being the two pillars of content marketing, Rishi shared with us some interesting statistics on content marketing. According to him, around 90% of marketers are doing content marketing, 25% of marketing budgets are spent on content marketing and apparently, according to eMarketer, a total of 118.4 billion dollars will be spent on content marketing in 2013. He also spoke about how to convert users and website visitors from Prospects into Leads and leads into opportunities. Salient features of good content include exceptional, credible, fun and unique.

Munaz Anjum spoke about changing search technologies and writing for the customer rather than the search engines.

Gayathri Choda was very emphatic on how analytics can change the way we look at content marketing. With keyword analysis through tools such as Google Trends, one can put numbers to results of digital marketing, which, as individuals in this field, we all know how important they are. An interesting tip from Gayathri was, “to identify the negative keywords and do SEO for them.” She also spoke of A/B testing and multi-variant testing.

The meet was quite a success.

The last one hour was allotted for Q&A session, during which, the audience asked speakers how they could market their products, brief content vs. verbose content, search engine keywords packed into a website or a website written for the customer, and lastly, single page website vs. many page websites.

To catch up on more pictures from the summit, do login to Facebook and check out the Fan Page of organizers IDONESEO.

Speaking at digital marketing summit Hyderabad

I will be speaking at digital marketing summit that is going to take place in Hyderabad on Sep 29th, I thought to present on accessibility and go beyond basics. Since this conference is focused on digital marketing rather than core accessibility I thought to do little basics of accessibility and how it can fit in search optimization strategy. But after thinking a lot I want to go beyond this now, I will be doing couple of live reviews of various websites that I visit and it’s going to be really interesting one.

What you will learn from my presentation,

How to create accessible content
How to create great user experience without compromising on accessibility
How to structure your web pages for better SEO
How accessibility will fit into your inbound marketing strategy when you make your applications accessible.

Ideas are still forming in my mind and I am sure this is going to be a great content rich presentation. I am looking forward to do the live site reviews and I will be picking,, etc…Need to finalize on which portals I will pick and if there is any specific portal just drop it in comments section.

Want to register for the event then please head to the website and get all the necessary details.

Make your wordpress accessible

In my last post I outlined few of the common techniques of making your blog accessible on any platform and now here I will share few of the resources that can help your wordpress accessible as it is the most common blogging platform and my favorite content management system.

WordPress accessibility on wordpress codex

Make wordpress accessible
Is the official wordpress accessibility blog and you can also follow @wpaccessibility on twitter for more information or to get in touch with wordpress accessibility team.

[slideshare id=23661598&doc=chicago-wordcamp-2013-130629111027-phpapp02]


This presentation gives a lot of information about wordpress accessibility and I remember seeing the video of this presentation but unable to find it now. I read the text version of slides and being an accessibility specialist would like to listen to the video for technical aspects. Once I get hold of the video link will be pasted below. Must say text version off the slide gave me the feel that this content is worth spending time and energy.