Local SEO Audit

Digital Challenger traffic went down drastically & I realized that my Local SEO Rankings are a major hit. The amount of leads I get from Digital Challenger is very high, these are converting leads & i get at least 2-3 leads each day. I recently came across the Local SEO audit blog post on MOZ & audited my strategy, with few changes my traffic is up & the leads I get convert really well. Here is the blog post on this Local SEO Audit

Local SEO Ranking Factors 2014

One of my favorite subjects in the SEO Consulting space is the Local SEO as it brings results quickly & leads that convert. To game the Local search results means one needs to understand a little about Local Search algorithms & recently MOZ has published their 2014 Local Search Ranking factors.

Check out the local search ranking factors & use the data wisely…it’s very easy to get some quality leads through Google local, Bing local & Yahoo local…Most of my clients either come through word of mouth or through local keyword searches.