Raghavendra Satish Peri Aka “digital Challenger” is a Digital Marketing & accessibility Consultant based out of Hyderabad-India.

Digital Marketing Trainings

Digital marketing is an art where you become better as one practices the craft. “You are good, but I am better” heard that phrase anywhere?…you might not be good at SEO, Social Media, Email marketing or any other sort of online marketing tricks….the truth is you don’t have to be good, you must be better than your competitors who think they are good at the game.

Digital Marketing Trainings

Online Marketing Consulting

Already got a web presence or looking for a consultant to guide you in the right direction, look no further “Raghavendra” helped multiple small businesses with Local SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing & other Digital Marketing strategies.

Online Marketing Consulting

What my Customer’s Think

I have known Raghav since many years now and he has supported my clients in building SEO/SCM strategies. His knowledge of the domain is commendable and his enthusiasm infectious. He role model for many to show case that little physical disability is not an obstacle in achieving whatever one wishes to. I am sure he will go places.

I was looking for Digital Marketing trainers when I came across Raghav. As a trainer, I can confidently say he is the best in the industry. The confidence that he carries himself with is contagious and he ensures that his trainees turn out to be the best in their subject, both theory wise and practically. Since Raghav has had so many years of experience in practically using digital marketing strategies for companies, his training sessions are usually filled up with practical tricks and do-able tips that one can use to see good results.

An absolute superstar in digital marketing, Raghavendra is an attentive listener, which is where he starts planning, based on your exclusive requirements. Raghavendra literally treats Digital Marketing is his playground & he absolutely excels in his planning & execution of the same. Also, being such a patient person, his presentations at digital marketing meets are ones, you shouldn’t miss!!

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Digital Marketing Community

Looking for likeminded folks in the world of digital marketing? Join our exclusive community where we will connect you with our expert SEO’s, Social Media and Affiliate Marketers….we show all our secrets on the other end and you can ask away all your burning online marketing questions.

Digital Marketing FAQS

Q: I am not very Technology savvy. Are these courses technical?
A: No, in the sense that it is not a programming course and you will not have to learn any coding. Professional course in Digital Marketing focuses on the commercial aspect of online marketing.

Q: What is the difference between a Professional Diploma Bootcamp and a 12-Week Part-Time course?
A: A Bootcamp and a 12-Week part time Diploma courses have exactly the same content, the only difference is in the scheduling of classes. A Bootcamp starts at 9.30am and finishes at 5pm while a 12-Week part time course consists of 12 3-hour long evening lectures held once a week.

Q: What is the dress code?
A: While the majority of our students are working professionals, the dress code at our courses is casual.

Q: Where are the courses held?
A: Most of our courses are held in the state of the art training facility. Some short courses are also held in other city centre locations with an easy access from main public transport routes.

Q: Will digital Challenger help in placement assistance?
A: Yes, we work with a lot off agency partners & businesses who are looking to hire, we will help you with your resume & interview process.

Q: How is the job market for digital marketing professionals?
A: Job opportunities for digital marketing are booming, every industry wants to use digital marketing to reach their customers.

Q: Who can attend this course?
A: Digital marketing concepts help everyone from students, graduates, working professionals & home makers…there are people who built their careers in digital marketing space while other’s see this as a passive income stream.[/