SEO Training

SEO- Search Engine optimization is a buzz word in the Internet Marketing industry. for more than a decade now & with the evolution of Google which has a market share of more than 70% searches in the industry, every business & website needs Search Engine Rankings that can bring them traffic, leads & sales. I taught my self SEO by testing, reading & tracking which white hat methods work & which doesn’t. i know that you do not have that time, energy & resources to go out and test new strategies that are approved by search engines like Google & bing. Yes there are ffree tutorials, articles, videos on youtube from which you can learn any aspect of internet marketing but consider these,

  • Would you like to put hundreds of hours into reading blogs & seeing videos on youtube.
  • would you like to test strategies on your business without knowing if they are white hat or black hat?
  • would you like to spend hours & hours of time searching & posting in forums to clear your doubts?

search engine optimization is art of reverse engineering & not just reading couple of strategies, implementing & hoping to see results. No one can provide you with push button strategies to obtain a long term search engine rankings that can bring constant flood of traffic. You can always hire a SEO consultant but what if you would like to work personally on your website ? I personally built this training program for folks who would want a one on one training & who can take full advantage of my expertise. i bring a very rich experience & today you can take advantage by hiring me as your coach.

what you learn in this SEO course?

  • Foundations of White Hat SEO
  • How Search Engines Work
  • Keyword Strategy, competitive intelligence & tools
  • On Page SEO
  • Site Structure & conversion metrics
  • Link Building & Promotion
  • Structuring your campaign for long term growth

This is just the slice of the pie which you will learn in my class & for sure there is more & more that can be added to the above concepts. i don’t want to fill the page with all headings & sub headings, if you are interested in the course pick the phone or fill the form below to talk to me. Call Raghava at +91-9908266680 or email at [email protected]