Hello I am Raghavendra Satish Peri; I am some one who is obsessed with online marketing especially Search engine optimization, Social Media Marketing & Content Marketing strategy. I have a deep passion towards any area of marketing & I love teaching people to succeed with their web marketing efforts.

My personal story

I was 19yrs old & looking for a job & gave interviews at multiple MNC’s but I was not offered a job because I was visually challenged. The team which interviewed me did not have any sensitization on disability & rejected me on various grounds. I stumbled into the world of web marketing by chance, I was at a friends place & saw him designing websites and he told me that we can make money from internet. This is when I learned how to design websites using dream weaver & taught my self SEO-Search Engine Optimization. In next 2yrs that is by 2008 I lost a considerable amount of my eyesight & I focused on consulting and moved out of services as it was affecting my health.

During 2009 I joined a day job and moved to Bangalore it is there where lot of individuals like @ideasmaverick @dhempe and lot many identified my skills and provided me a platform to share my knowledge. As a result of all the wonderful connections I made, I spoke at conferences and gave guest lectures in various colleges. I studied more about entrepreneurship by observing and hanging out with other entrepreneurs in Bangalore & became part of various startup & technology events, I regularly contributed my knowledge and helped various startups with their web marketing initiatives.

Currently I work as Senior Accessibility Consultant & trying to make a user friendly place for all user groups. Occasionally I pick some consulting projects that are challenging and involve my self more in digital marketing training for individuals & business owner’s.