Social Media Training

Does this scenario sound familiar?

You heard social media can generate leads and viral traffic to your business so you got on all the major social platforms and found yourself wasting massive amounts of time and resources…..Do you feel that you are not adding any profit interns of money or leads to your bottom line?

You find yourself logging into social platforms and spending few minutes to couple of hours conversing and sharing the content, and wondering where your morning went.

You’re having lots of online dialogue and activity that – if you’re
Honest – have not added a nickel to your bottom line. (And frankly,
You’re wondering what all this chit-chat about the latest celebrity gossip or where you went on vacation has to do with your business.)

If you think you’ve Missed Something, You’re Not Alone!

In fact almost most of them are not making any money on social media…Dirty little thing is that people are spending enormous amount of time and resources doing activities on social platforms that are not adding any money to the bottom line.

If you are someone who is this, that is not your problem…the common knowledge is that you need to build conversations and relations, true social media helps a lot in doing this.

But all conversations that you participate aren’t necessarily good for your business. There is a good reason why.

If you are not careful and strategic you will find yourself in all sort of wrong conversations and relations. You will be making a lot of friends but not paying customers.

Result…you don’t have paying customers for your products and services in spite of spending so much time on doing the conversations and building that relation.

Tell me this you have friends through out your life and how many of them purchased a product or service from you?

This has got to STOP!

The good news is, there IS a way for social media to make you money, los of it. You don’t have to spend lots of time or energy, we will show how to do it with little effort and with in few minutes… the only action you need to take is to join our social media training course and take the necessary actions

What you will learn in our social media training

There are thousands of social media platforms but few of them are very popular where your presence is a must, we customize our course materials according to the needs. Overall we teach the following,

Facebook Marketing

Twitter Marketing

Youtube Marketing

Linkedin Marketing

Blog Marketing
By end of the training you will walk away with a complete knowledge on how social media for businesses work and how you can take leverage of it. To keep the relationship going with us you will be part of our social media community which is part of our private club which is included in the fees

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