Should your company outsource digital marketing services?

The outsourcing industry has seen quite a sweeping change in the last decade and a half. Changing technologies, rapid updates in the online sphere, economic instability across the globe and cost arbitrage are the primary drivers of the outsourcing industry.

Although getting digital marketing services outsourced is more of a strategic and a tactical decision for most organisations, dynamically changing scenarios in the digital space also contribute to this decision. Most digital marketing agencies like these have a trained talent pool that keeps itself up-to-date with the latest technological changes happening in the industry and are better equipped to handle these changes as and when they happen.

Should you outsource digital marketing services

Here are some of the key drivers that can help you decide if your company should opt for outsourcing digital marketing services:

Does digital marketing fit into your organisational strategy?

Many companies such as those in the manufacturing sector, or the aerospace industry do not see digital marketing as a core competency in terms of organisational strategy. So, it is more beneficial to them to have the digital and online marketing services outsourced to agencies, rather than allocating dedicated resources to this function. Of course, privacy, data integrity, and confidentiality concerns also are taken into consideration.

Do you have the right resources?

In case of digital marketing functions, the requirement of resources varies greatly and unless a company is a very large MNC, it is not viable for them to invest hugely in digital marketing resources. In many cases, the marketing team carries out the function in a limited way.

A fully fledged digital marketing team includes specialists such as web developers, SEO strategists, SEO experts, content specialists, UI designers, graphic designers, creative head, analytics experts etc. Hence, small and medium enterprises usually opt for outsourcing of digital marketing services when they want to introduce the entire gamut of services such as SEO, PPC, SMM, etc.

Does your technology support the function?

The digital marketing function requires the support of integrated technology along with cutting edge infrastructure and higher specifications than normal. For example, a designer needs access to a higher capacity processor which can run heavy programmes such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. This might be feasible for a company that has enough design needs to justify the RoI on these softwares.

Let the Operations part be handled by the pros

While it is a good idea to ideate and create concepts for advertising or campaigns, you are more likely to think about the big picture and let the rest be taken care of by the agencies. Strategy and insight is the input that goes from you to the agency that you have outsourced your digital marketing services and operations to. That way, you can take care of the core operations of your own company.

Avoiding hindrance in the path of growth

When you have the path for your company set and established, and know the plan of action, you might want the expert agencies to take over some or all parts of a digital marketing strategy and operations. Hence the need to outsource digital marketing services becomes an organisational decision.

Cost Arbitrage

Most companies outsource because it is worthwhile to invest in; outsourcing became the norm because it was profitable in many ways to give a part of the business process to an agency that would handle it from end to end, rather than investing in it.

360 degree coverage

When you hire a digital marketing agency for your social media needs, you can rest assured that there will be a 360 degree coverage of your brand across all possible channels, or most effective channels, and the kind of leverage that you can get from the focused industry knowledge of these agencies has great benefits. For example, agencies know which concepts and Hash tags are trending and can connect your brand to the current trends, thus leveraging the popularity of current in-the-news hash tags.

Leveraging network

Digital Marketing agencies are usually in touch with a lot of media people as well as have good connections across the industry. A company on its own may not be able to spread as much word about its services at the right places, as an agency.

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