Blog Consulting

blog Consulting

The social web is buzzing with new platforms popping each day & filled
with so much of noise that it has become difficult to standup in the crowd & say here i am ….Our blog consulting service will enable you to raise your voice where you will be not only be heard in the crowd but also create engagement and long term conversations, leveraging the brand value of your business.

Blogs play a integral part of the social web, where anything is possible with the click of a push button enables you to contribute content, engage, brand and get leads for
your business which can be converted into sales.

Our Blog Marketing & Consulting services include

Blog strategy development-we build a custom blog strategy catering to business goals whether it is optimization for search, more social media engagement, usability, accessibility problems or
monetization problems we take each element off your blog into consideration and then suggest you a strategy that can help your business grow.

Blog optimization and design- it is easy to create a blog by just going to or but if you are not found through search and social media you are lost in the buzzing noise of the web. We perform an audit of your current blog structure &
recommend what can be done to optimize your content for search engines & how you can leverage social by quickly fixing design and usability issues.

Blog Monetization Strategy- You already have a blog that gets decent amount of traffic and has a community built on the social space, If you are looking to monetize your blog and would like to use the ad space available we can help you figure the best monetization strategy that can blend along with your content. As we believe in “Create, Publish and Profit” – three rules of online

Feel free to reach out to us if you want to get benefited by any of our services we will be lad to help.



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