Digital Marketing Boot Camps

Disclaimer: The online marketing space is sweeping fast. In case you’ve a 6-month-old marketing plan, know for sure that it’s going to hit your business hard

It’s a known fact that in the last 12 – 18 months, online marketing has changed more than one could think off. With further evolution of Web and platform, it’s going to change even more. Don’t take it for granted that what worked last year and the year before will work time and again. Gone are those days and a new era is in full bloom.

Don’t be afraid to embrace the change. ACT now or you’ll be left behind

 What can you really depend on when so many things are rapidly changing?
 What’s going to work tomorrow?
 What’s needed today to make your future full-proof and let you grow?

Every business with an online presence needs 3 things to succeed:
 Traffic
 Conversion
 Proven business strategies

Dozens of strategies, tools, programs, and products in each category are ready in store to help your business grow. And, we’ve already done the homework for you to get started.

Answer Questions. Make an assessment.

 With the future in play,

 Do you know the trick to find your audience online?
 Do you know the ones with maximum hits to your website?
o Where they come from?
o How they navigate?
 Do you know your search engine ranking?
Do you know what your customers have to say about your business?

There are numerous directions and hundreds of tactics you could use. Do keep in mind that there’ll be just 2 or 3 top priorities that will let grow your business grow in the true fast and furious mode. Are you sure which ones they are? Finding the right answers is more critical than you ever thought it to be.

Precisely why you need …

Picture with letter slams come here.


Most ideas are shiny and look great on paper – but gets sloppier when put into action. If you forget to test them properly, it can hurt your business even more.

But there are those tiny sets of high leverage points that can help your profits double / triple, in terms of traffic, leads, sales, and revenue.

The art of growing a business is to know what’s what and this is always dependent on the points slated fyi:

 Make a move out of your business long enough to get a perspective beyond the day to day score
 Introspect your options to see how best you can leverage them, and
 Have a trusted aid to let you know what you’ve done and where you are headed

Precisely why we’ve created this unique event.

It’s not just about survival. Time to grow as well. Come along to learn the best we’ve to offer and help you grow your business with more leads, more sales, and loads of money for sure!

It’s our promise with SLAMS – By the time you’ve made your way through EXIT, you’ll surely bag new skills, strategies, and a blue print for 2013 …

At SLAMS, we’ll let you:
 Get a quick insight about what’s round the corner
 Share notes with the most ambitious, innovative, and interesting marketers in the arena
 Take away pure adrenalin shot back to the office

Learn about the future of digital marketing from those leading the way, in just 1 day. Deep dive into the minds of expert practitioners and leading thinkers to find out what needs to be in your development plans, if you’re destined to be the best.

The Digital Marketing Seminar will guide you through the digital landscape and provide you with the tools to understand, manage, and tailor your virtual presence. It’ll help you set goals and open a world of opportunities for you and your company. Even if you are just starting off or one-step ahead of the crowd, you will walk away with ample resources.

 Know what’s on the horizon, for planning future online marketing and e-commerce activities
 Hear the reality bytes, not just theory
 Get outstanding ideas to apply to your own projects
 Benchmark and consolidate what they know or plug holes in their knowledge
 Meet and network with peers — THINK SOCIALLY. CONNECT SOCIALLY.



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