How startups and small businesses can get started marketing online

This post cover some basic things that will help any startup or small business to get started marketing online. my goal here is to get a basic web presence yet powerful enough to get leads that can convert into customers


If you haven’t heard already then head on to the site and create a account there. wordpress started as blogging software and during the years it became the most robust platform where both individual bloggers and business owners are taking advantage of it. you can create a static website with in few hours, pick a preset theme with a great design and get a face for your business online in a hour.

. It’s free to use, easy to navigate , learn quickly and is feature rich.
. Highly optimized for search engines- with a little tweak to your content by using the right keywords you can be found through search engines.

One of the unique example that i can share for the indian startup community is Sanjukta basu’s business website which is on, Check Samyukta Media


Once we have a website in place with a great content that can convey the message of your product or service the next step is to be found by your customers. To achieve this we will be using and a microsoft office power point presentation, now that you have content about your offerings write all the key points that your customers would like to know about your product or service and then start making a PPT. Needless to say pick a awesome design, use right colour contrasts in fonts , add images if possible and if you are aware of making a presentation it’s a easy task if not check this tutorial . See to that you have only five slides , add email address & phone number at the bottom of each slide and on the final slide see to thatfull contact address, website and a link to most frequently asked questions is added.

Use a great headline that is the title and a nice description when you upload in slideshare.
Give a compelling offer to your slideshare visitors and give a strong call for action. at the end of presentation.
Educate the users, don’t sell your offerings directly.


Now that we have a website and a basic presentation we will give these two properties little leverage by using the power of video and we are going to use the most famous video sharing platform youtube. you can turn your power point presentation into a video by using Animoto is a free service that will help your slides and images convert into a video with a background music. if you want a little robust way of conveying your message through video you can use screen recording softwares like camtasia or jing and do voice over for your slides.

An audio description of your slides will provide more trust, uauthority and value to your customers. in video you can explain your offierings more clearly and can connect with them personally. i recommend any one who are trying to establish a strong online presence to use their natural voice for screen capture videos.






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