Social Media Marketing Case Study: Bournville

In June this year, on a quiet Friday, dark chocolate brand Bournville by Cadbury kicked off a social media campaign called ‘Tape a Tweet’ simultaneously on Twitter and YouTube. The campaign took into its wake, the Twitterati, Facebookers and YouTubers, triggering funny, excited, curious and creative conversations amongst the followers of the company.

The outline:

With 44% cocoa made from the world’s best cocoa beans from Ghana, Cadbury Bournville’s USP rests on the quality of being not so sweet. The team turned this into a campaign in itself, and planned a simultaneous marketing campaign on three major social media networks. Using the concept of “Not So Sweet” and releasing the hashtag #notsosweet, Cadbury tried repositioning Bournville from “You don’t buy a Bournville you earn it” to “Not so sweet”. The Twitter campaign directed followers/fans to tweet a not so sweet, or an over sweet moment and this would be converted into a video real time.

The Hook:

The curiosity and excitement of seeing their tweets come alive on YouTube was an incentive that made Bournville fans get swept into the campaign. Bournville is still running the #Notsosweet campaign on Twitter.

The Process:

Tweet a not so sweet (or too sweet to digest) moment to @BournvilleIN. Tag it #notsosweet. Share it with friends on Facebook. Retweet it. The team had an entire logistic setup ready, that came together to convert each of the selected tweets into a video within an hour of the posted tweet. Here’s an example:

Worth noting is how the tweet accompanies the video to let users know which one was taken as the inspiration for the video. A total of 19 such videos were made and uploaded on the same day. The videos aren’t too long, just about 50 seconds to 90 seconds. Leading stand-up comics from the Schitz en Giggles comedy group were engaged to act in the videos. The hash tag #notsosweet started trending in 30 minutes and this 10-hour campaign instantly grew Twitter followers by 130. The brand received almost 20 tweets per minute and each tweet received at least 10-15 retweets, which is phenomenal. The videos had received anywhere between 200 to 350 views during that week and over 200,000 impressions were made.


Currently 3.9 million subscribers strong on Facebook, Cadbury Bournville has several such campaigns to its credit, including the Bournville Academy Awards for Facebook users, The Legend of the Cocoa Bean, Catch the Cocoa Pods game et al. This social media marketing campaign is a good example of how one can use all the available channels across the World Wide Web to create an integrated marketing effort that not only elicits participation from the audience but also engages them in a constant conversation with the brand. The brand gets enough traction within a stipulated amount of time, and recall value ascends quickly with such targeted campaigns.

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