Speaking at digital marketing summit Hyderabad

I will be speaking at digital marketing summit that is going to take place in Hyderabad on Sep 29th, I thought to present on accessibility and go beyond basics. Since this conference is focused on digital marketing rather than core accessibility I thought to do little basics of accessibility and how it can fit in search optimization strategy. But after thinking a lot I want to go beyond this now, I will be doing couple of live reviews of various websites that I visit and it’s going to be really interesting one.

What you will learn from my presentation,

How to create accessible content
How to create great user experience without compromising on accessibility
How to structure your web pages for better SEO
How accessibility will fit into your inbound marketing strategy when you make your applications accessible.

Ideas are still forming in my mind and I am sure this is going to be a great content rich presentation. I am looking forward to do the live site reviews and I will be picking socialsamosa.com, paulwriter.com, digitalsrc.com etc…Need to finalize on which portals I will pick and if there is any specific portal just drop it in comments section.

Want to register for the event then please head to the website www.digitalmarketingsummit.in and get all the necessary details.






2 responses to “Speaking at digital marketing summit Hyderabad”

  1. punam Avatar

    And it was as promised, Raghava and much much more. Your presentation turned out to be the highlight. Captured some pictures.. let us put them up here.
    I am writing a blog about it.

    1. raghava Avatar

      Punam thanks for being with me through out the day and supporting me all along…yes let’s write the blog post…am excited to tell the story of how thinggs can go wrong and as a speaker how i adopted a way of engaging the audiance.

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